Cherry, Katia & Nadia step into the studio

Nadia, Katia and Cherry photographed in one of their extravagant performance costumes

It was an afternoon of colour and movement in my Sydney studio photographing the three Thai beauties Nadia, Katia and Cherry. These hard-working showgirls make up a dedicated trio who entertain across the country in clubs and entertainment centres, performing with Las Vegas glitz and Hollywood glamour. 

Coming out of lockdown hibernation, the girls required some new, beguiling imagery for their upcoming performances. Filled with costumes, feathers and diamantes, my studio was like a backstage dressing room and performance space for Mardi Gras. Setting up the shoot was a lot of fun.

Cherry, Katia and Nadia

Goons – Pumping new life into Indie Rock

Goons – Ross (guitar), Tom (guitar), Jack (lead vocals), James (vocals & bass) & Nathan (drums)

As the live music scene begins to re-emerge in Sydney, the boys from the band Goons asked me to stage a series of images for their new social media and PR campaigns. I already know the boys and have photographed them previously in 2013 when James and the brothers Tom and Jack were performing as part of a fresh faced band in a younger pop line-up.

Taken back in 2013, I photographed Tom, Jack and James as part of their previous band.

Based in the inner west of Sydney, Goons burst onto the scene in late 2019. They became a staple of the live music circuit in such venues as The Chippendale and Marlborough Hotels, and 2020 saw the release of their debut single, “Home Run”.

Goons are known for infectious, anthemic rock, sustained by raw vocals and high-flying guitar lines. Follow their progress and find out about live gigs from their instagram profile: CretinousGoons

They go by this moniker to distinguish the band from the English comedy troupe of Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe. However Goons share some of the absurd antics with the British madcap bunch.

From left to right: Nathan, Ross, Jack, Tom and James (Goons)

Magic happens when Witches come out to play……..


I had the pleasure of working with 4 beautiful and talented woman for the promotional shoot for an up coming musical extravaganza, “Witches”, to be performed with the SSO at the Opera House.


They were Helen Dallimore, Lucy Durack, Amanda Harrison and Jemma Rix and boy, was it fun to work with these witty and enthusiastic ladies.  Make-up, hair up and up!….and scrumptiously designed dresses by the talented, Jaimie Sortino. Continue reading “Magic happens when Witches come out to play……..”