Screen Australia – Further Head Shots

We recently returned to the offices of Screen Australia in Ultimo to set-up for a series of corporate head shots.

I love shooting head shots because I get to meet and interact (for a brief moment) with the members of companies and various organisations that I work for…..most often, in my role as a photographer, you would be working with one or two people from the company, be it the PR person, the marketing people etc. However, head shots mean you get to see some of the other members of the organisation that you would normally not interact with.

I always have a lot of respect for my subjects and for the situation. Being in front of the camera and lights is not the most comfortable position for a lot of people. It is my job to make it as pleasant an experience as possible. I do my best.

NSW Ambulance – welcomes their new aircraft with a smoking ceremony

Rex subsidiary Pel-Air and New South Wales Ambulance had an official handover ceremony, smoking ceremony, and blessing of the new aircraft fleet after Pel-Air commenced operations for the NSW Ambulance Air Ambulance with a fleet of brand-new aircraft on 1 January 2022.

The event was attended by Rex Group Deputy Chairman, Hon John Sharp AM and NSW Ambulance Executive Director, Dr. Sarah Coombes (Pictured below), and other key staff.

NSW Ambulance Executive Director, Dr. Sarah Coombes and Rex Group Deputy Chairman, Hon John Sharp AM
The fleet of 5 new planes on the tarmac at Mascot

La Boite announces Courtney Stewart as the newly appointed Artistic Director

In late April I had the pleasure of photographing Courtney Stewart. Courtney has recently been selected as the incoming artistic director of La Boite in Brisbane. She is currently working on an STC production in Sydney but will be heading back to Brisbane to take up her role at La Boite in July.

Courtney required some updated portraits to accompany the official announcement and press release. With Courtney’s busy schedule, as well as juggling a family, there wasn’t much time. We ventured into the “textured” back streets of Marrickville on this occasion.

For more information on Courtney and her appointment visit: Limelight or ArtsReview