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April 2020 – John McRae Photography & Studio

Linen Collection – So French So Chic

I shot the new linen collection for So French So Chic on a timber-decked yacht in Rushcutters Bay on Sydney harbour. The shoot was relaxed and breezy, to reflect the clothes.

See the product description below:

Good style is effortless.

Our beautiful linen and easy-to-wear designs are created with an attitude of casual chic, inspired by the breezy ports of the Mediterranean. Designed in France from linen sourced in Bandol near St Tropez, and tailor-made in Italy, our range breathes with stylish simplicity.

Dress up or dress it down. Feel free and relaxed.

We present our unique blend of A-line silhouettes and soft, falling fabric. Summer is colourful. Bright tones of watermelon, azure, turquoise and tangerine, are mixed with gentle pastels, or such neutrals as anthracite, pale mint and charcoal, or crisp, maritime white. Be part of our own French identity, but adapted to the Australian climate and outdoor lifestyle. Welcome aboard.

Construction Continues…..

Warehouse, Minto for Prime Constructions

We are all grappling with the new Covid-19 threat and changes to our life-styles and livelihoods. The construction industry continues under new guidelines. With restrictions, building and documenting can continue.

Here are a few of the warehouse projects in western Sydney I have worked on during the past few weeks.

DHL, Erskine Park for Prime Constructions
DHL, Erskine Park for Prime Construcitons
Sunny Queen, Minchinbury
Sunny Queen, Minchinbury
DHL, Kemps Creek for Prime Constructions
DHL, Kemps Creek for Prime Constructions
DHL, Kemps Creek for Prime Constructions
DHL, Erskine Park for Prime Constructions
Warehouse, Minto, for Prime Construcitons
DHL, Kemps Creek for Prime Construction
Warehouse interior, Minto for Prime Constructions
Sunny Queen, Minchinbury for Prime Constructions
Manfreight, Smithfield for Prime Constructions
DHL, Kemps Creek for Prime Constructions
DHL, Kemps Creek for Prime Construction
DHL, Kemps Creek for Prime Construction
Inner Sydney High School, mid-construction for Hansen Yuncken
Inner Sydney High School, mid-construction for Hansen Yuncken

Olympic Gold Medalist -Matthew Mitcham Marries

Chateau de Halloy ©johnmcrae

After the Australian Olympic gold medal diver Matthew Mitcham announced he was engaged to his partner, Luke Rutherford, the couple married in a public ceremony in Belgium in late February, followed by a honeymoon in Amsterdam.

As an old friend of Matt’s I was invited as the “Official Photographer”.

Matt and Luke married at Chateau de Halloy on the out-skirts of Ciney in the South of Belgium. Chateau de Halloy is a majestic castle which was once a residence used by the Bishop Princes of Liege….rather grand indeed.

Matt in preparation ©johnmcrae
Matt – almost ready, flanked by his family ©johnmcrae
Finishing touches for Luke ©johnmcrae
A quick, private word before the formalities begin ©johnmcrae
Last shot as a single man ©johnmcrae
The Guests await the entrance ©johnmcrae
Luke’s mother officiates as the Celebrant ©johnmcrae
It’s done! Married. ©johnmcrae
The Wedding Party ©johnmcrae
Cutting the cake ©johnmcrae
The couple take to the dance floor. ©johnmcrae

I wish Matt and Luke all the very best in their future life together.

A Short Trip to Europe – Work Holiday

Paris, City of Lights – looking towards the Concergerie. ©johnmcrae

Because I had been booked to shoot a wedding in Belgium late February, I decided to stay on for another 10 days in Europe to work and catch up with friends I hadn’t seen for quite some time.

Of course the trip was overshadowed by the pandemic that was quickly gaining momentum around the globe. Given the situation, I was relieved to be able to arrive back in Sydney by early March

Here are a few shots, taken during my time away…….

Paris rooftops, overlooking the Marais. ©johnmcrae
View across Paris from Sacre Coeur ©johnmcrae
La Tour Saint Jacques – I love this weird Gothic tower in the middle of Paris. All that’s left of a 16th century church that once dominated the site. ©johnmcrae
La Grande Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris, after the fire. ©johnmcrae

Munich, Germany

After Paris I spent a few days visiting a friend in Munich. It was the first time I had been here. I was impressed. Impeccably ordered and clean and so, so European. I was completely enthralled by the Pinakothek der Moderne. I’ve never seen so many paintings by Max Beckmann in one place. I spent the entire afternoon in this magnificent building and lost myself completely.

Pinakothek der Moderne ©johnmcrae
Pinakothek der Moderne cieling ©johnmcrae
View of the foyer ©johnmcrae

The French Countryside

Le Grand Etang, La Clayette. ©johnmcrae

Next stop was the French countryside in Burgundy (La Bourgogne). A friend recently moved back to France after 19 years living in Australia where he has purchased a delightful, picture-card-perfect farm house near a small village called, La Clayette.

This village is dominated by the impressive chateau, Chateau de La Clayette, that was built in the 14th and 19th Century as a fortress, surrounded by a moat. It has had a long and illustrious history and it remains in private hands.

Le Chateau de La Clayette

Meanwhile here are some shots of the farm……

The Farmhouse.
Morning view from the front door of the farmhouse

These are a few images of my new Burgundy friends…..the Charolais cows. They are a local breed of cattle renowned for their meat (although I wouldn’t mention that to them). They are a creamy, milky white colour and have a amicable nature. They are part of the local landscape.

The French obsession with Protest

I returned to Paris from the south of France before returning to Australia. However, no trip to Paris would be complete without experiencing what the French call, “Manifestation”, or protest. The French are famous for going out on the streets to protest their displeasure with the powers that be. For many centuries, this has been a well known French past-time. The protest on World Woman’s Day was a healthy display of active feminism, accompanied by a rather heavy police presence.

Marching towards Place de La Republique ©johnmcrae
Reminder of the impending Covid-19 threat – access to the Louvre Museum was limited
The Tuileries Gardens, looking towards La Palais du Louvre.