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July 2015 – John McRae Photography & Studio

Shooting with Will Again!

When I first met Will he was a dancer and choreographer.  Over a period of a few years I had the good fortune to work on a number of shoots with Will and his team, at the time.  However, he disappeared for a while overseas.  Recently, he re-surfaced in my life and asked me to work on a new set of images for a forthcoming project, based in Brisbane.


Here are some images from the day.


ZR1L3506 ZR1L3507 ZR1L3508 ZR1L3509 ZR1L3510  ZR1L3503 ZR1L3515  ZR1L3512 ZR1L3517 ZR1L3516 ZR1L3522 ZR1L3521 ZR1L3520 ZR1L3518

The “Sydney Props Specialists” in Marrricville, where the shoot took place,  has a bit of an “Alice in Wonderland” feel with all these props and sets lying around throughout the building.  The facilities are great and the place is a lot of fun.


ZR1L3487  ZR1L3488ZR1L3483

My trusty assistant, Erick, re-living his days as a Paris cat-walk model…..a while ago, I might add!


ZR1L3717 ZR1L3551 ZR1L3548 ZR1L3537 ZR1L3601


I love taking shots of make-up and hair….always a very concentrated effort.



Maxime was covering day “en video”.  Can’t wait to see the results.


ZR1L3581 ZR1L3572 ZR1L3591

Dan Murphey was directing the video component…..


ZR1L3680 ZR1L3625 ZR1L3744 ZR1L3673

Plenty of talented girls animated the styling…………..



Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting  an English based fashion label who’s primary material was latex.  The label is “Catalyst Latex”.  The theme was “hospital” and there was plenty on offer for the fashion conscious doctor, nurse and patient.


It was a fun shoot which mirrored the tongue in cheek nature of the brand as you can see from the pics below.  So if you feel like getting into a bit of “hospital grade latex”…look them up.  I’m sure they have an on-line service.