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Olympic Gold Medalist -Matthew Mitcham Marries – John McRae Photography & Studio

Olympic Gold Medalist -Matthew Mitcham Marries

Chateau de Halloy ©johnmcrae

After the Australian Olympic gold medal diver Matthew Mitcham announced he was engaged to his partner, Luke Rutherford, the couple married in a public ceremony in Belgium in late February, followed by a honeymoon in Amsterdam.

As an old friend of Matt’s I was invited as the “Official Photographer”.

Matt and Luke married at Chateau de Halloy on the out-skirts of Ciney in the South of Belgium. Chateau de Halloy is a majestic castle which was once a residence used by the Bishop Princes of Liege….rather grand indeed.

Matt in preparation ©johnmcrae
Matt – almost ready, flanked by his family ©johnmcrae
Finishing touches for Luke ©johnmcrae
A quick, private word before the formalities begin ©johnmcrae
Last shot as a single man ©johnmcrae
The Guests await the entrance ©johnmcrae
Luke’s mother officiates as the Celebrant ©johnmcrae
It’s done! Married. ©johnmcrae
The Wedding Party ©johnmcrae
Cutting the cake ©johnmcrae
The couple take to the dance floor. ©johnmcrae

I wish Matt and Luke all the very best in their future life together.