It’s always fun and colourful to shoot in the entertainment space. Here are a few examples of some shows that I worked on recently.

The Lyin’ Queen

The lyin’ Queen – by Phil Scott and Trevor Ashley, an ecological disatser movie remake hits the stage.

Cast on stage at the Wyong performance of The Lyin’ Queen ©johnmcrae
Promotional image for The Lyin’ Queen, performed at the Sydney Opera House in November
Production shot of The Lyin’ Queen, featuring Trevor Ashley ©johnmcrae
Promotional shot for The Lyin’ Queen ©johnmcrae

Shauna Jensen performs at the Sydney Opera House

Club Posters of Sydney Drag Shows

Hair The Musical

A new production of Hair the Musical was produced by David Hawkins. It toured the country, including performances at the Sydney Opera House.

Paulini, Hugh Sheridan, Matthew Manahan and Prinnie Stevens, the cast of Hair the Musical
Rehearsals for Hair The Musical ©johnmcrae
The above shot on stage during the dress rehearsal in Perth ©johnmcrae

Just for Laughs at the Sydney Opera House

Each year I shoot stills for the live recording of “Just For Laughs”, recorded in the studio at the Sydney Opera House. It is always a pleasure to shoot this totally entertaining event….at times the camera is shaking as I hold back laughter.

Tommi Little has the audience in the palm of his hand©johnmcrae