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Fashion – John McRae Photography & Studio

High fashion and jewellery, high-up in Melbourne

I recently flew to Melbourne to photograph an evening of fashion and jewellery at the Morgan Stanley offices in the lofty heights of the corporate central business district.

The event was generously hosted by Morgan Stanley in Collins Street and featured wonderful outfits from Perri Cutten styled with beautiful pieces from the Circa AD Jewels collection, with a goodie bag bursting with gifts from ISoMLindt, Perri Cutten, Morgan Stanley and Circa AD Jewels,

The evening was a fund raiser for the charity Giant Steps Melbourne, supporting children and adults on the autism spectrum. The evening raised more than $10,000 for this valuable organisation.

The offices are immaculate and a wonderful space for hosting such an event. Perri Cutten’s garments were enhanced by an array of fabulous jewellery from Adrian Dickens of Circa AD Jewels, Melbourne.

I captured some video footage of the parade. See below:

A story of a mother, a daughter and a photographer

I was recently approached by Lena Kasparian, a talented dress designer who displays her work in the Queen Victoria Building, to photograph her eldest daughter, Laura Kasparian. Laura is embarking on a modelling career, and so we decided to stage a series of test shots in the studio.

It is invaluable for someone starting out in the industry to practice poses and gain experience, and to build on one’s ability to work well in front of a camera. So organising regular “test shoots” is the foundation for gaining that experience.

On the day of our shoot, Laura was styled by her mother while we photographed a number of different looks. To finish up the series, we decided to create a mother/daughter portrait, capturing the designer with her muse.

Here is a few shots from our short time in the studio.

So French So Chic – the new summer range

On a perfect autumn day in Parsley Bay (although admittedly it was a bit cold for the model) we shot next season’s summer range for So French So Chic. Valeria Sizova, originally from Vladisvostok (eastern Russia) was a joy to work with. Sydney is full of these treasures of nature and the sandstone parkland, bridge and wharf provided a stunning backdrop.

So French So Chic says……..

We present our unique blend of A-line silhouettes and soft, falling fabric. This year, our summer range is a mix of bold colours and gentle neutrals. Bright tones of fuschia, coral, turquoise and burnt orange are mixed with fresh pastels, or crisp, maritime white. Be part of our own French identity, adapted to the Australian climate and outdoor lifestyle. This includes loose tops with twin front pockets and large mother-of-pearl buttons, an asymmetrical sundress, a bolero jacket and wide-legged pants reminiscent of French sailor wear.

Jewels for Circa AD

“Jewels of all sorts and sizes continue to cross my path,” says Adrian Dickens from Circa AD. “Whether to re-sell for clients, to re-invent, to retail, to source or just to enjoy. Whether valuable or not, each jewel is given the upmost attention in order to make it sing.”

See: Circa AD website

So French So Chic

So French So Chic, the Potts Point based clothing retailer and wholesaler specialised in casual linen women’s wear asked me to stage and shoot their new range for the look-book and catalogue. We decided to use the timber deck of the yacht Drumfire moored in Rushcutter’s Bay as the perfect setting.

We then moved into the studio to complete the photos of the summer and autumn ranges, focusing on loose linen dresses, maritime inspired pants and large knit jumpers. Caro and Clara both did a fantastic job modelling the garments on the yacht and later in the studio for the look-book for So French So Chic, based in Potts Point, NSW. Additional items were presented and photographed on a “ghost mannequin”.

Caro and Clara model in studio for the look-book.
Ghost mannequin effect for the rest of the range.
Behind the scenes of the crew (not the crew of the boat) at work.

Mardi Gras Parade 2019

Rather than photographing the parade, this year at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, I photographed the spectators gathered at Taylors Square, the hub of the procession.

I embraced the importance of an event where people from all different walks of life come together to celebrate a sense of community with joy and pride. It’s more than political. It not only reinforces the idea we are all in this together it provides an opportunity to shed the hum-drum and throw your hands in the air without shame.

The following crowd images are a quick selection of some of my favorites….

More images can be seen at: Click here

ONE ROOM (It’s all you need for a fab look!)

Terry Varvaressos
Terry Varvaressos

I recently had the pleasure of working with the amazing team at “One Room”.


One Room (1/414 Bronte Road, Bronte NSW 2024) is a progressive and highly creative hair styling studio, located at Bronte in Sydney.  I was approached by Daniel McLennan, the owner and chief stylist, to shoot hair for some up-coming competitions.


It was a more convenient time to shoot for the salon as they were going through their “once a year” re-furbishment of the space and had some down time to come to my studio in Lilyfield for the shoot.  I was impressed with the idea that a business, on a yearly basis, would re-furbish their interiors…..their customers must be equally impressed with that kind of commitment.


So my studio was transformed for a day into a veritable hair salon.  There was hair dryers, combs, brushes, extensions, colour, product, movement, panic….for days! I loved the energy that was created by all this activity.


It was a pleasure and a great buzz to work with talented, enthusiastic and creative geniuses in their fields.


Have a look at the guys at work in the following images:

Stylist                                          Model

Daniel McLennan                     Hannah

Kate Lynch                                 Alex Tinker

Laura Priori                                Terry Varvaressos

Lily Zak                                        Jarday Tundrock


ZR1L8300LR ZR1L8295LR

Lilly is thinking about adding some extensions to Jarday's hair, while Daniel goes for the orange hair dryer
Lilly is thinking about adding some extensions to Jarday’s hair, while Daniel goes for the orange hair dryer

Laura grabs some product as the rest of the team operate on their models
Laura grabs some product as the rest of the team operate on their models

Daniel McLennan works on Hannah. In the background Kate is working on Alex
Daniel McLennan works on Hannah. In the background Kate is working on Alex

Kate is busy concentrating.
Kate is busy concentrating.

Laura at work on Terry's hair
Laura at work on Terry’s hair

Daniel with a blue hairdryer, this time!
Daniel with a blue hairdryer, this time!

Finishing touches on Hannah
Finishing touches on Hannah


Finally it all comes together and we get results………

Terry...finished product! Hair: Laura Priori Model: Terry Varvaressos
Terry…finished product!
Hair: Laura Priori Model: Terry Varvaressos

Jarday looking fierce! Hair: Lilly Zak Model: Jarday Tundrock
Jarday looking fierce!
Hair: Lilly Zak Model: Jarday Tundrock

Hair: Kate Lynch Model: Alex Tinker
Hair: Kate Lynch Model: Alex Tinker


One Room

1/414 Bronte Road

Bronte NSW 2024

Phone: (02) 9387 6545